Bathroom Design Ideas Using Natural Stone

Solid stone sinks and bathtubs are highly desirable in bathroom design this year. A beautiful stone is a special gift from Mother Earth; her liquids and gasses were carefully blended before cooling and thrusting into one of the one-hundred million year old specimens that are found in these ancient rock beds today.

While designer rock sinks and rock bath tubs are available in many bathroom remodeling ideas catalogs, problems exist with these rock specimens that have been so cruelly mangled by machine into forms that no longer resemble Mother Nature’s intended gift. Purists prefer boulders that have been lovingly hand-worked into artistic useful items.

Hand-worked rock sinks, and hand-worked rock bathtubs are the ultimate in bathroom finery obtainable for those with impeccable tastes. True taste has each beautiful granite boulder [or other desirable stone] hand-worked by a master craftsman into a breathtaking centerpiece of functional art for the rest of the modern bathroom to display around.

Only very special households will own one of these artisan-made vessel sink or bathtub creations and each handcrafted boulder is unique unto itself. There is an extreme pride-of-ownership that comes built into each magnificent hollowed and polished boulder; visiting friends will find your modern bathroom a focal-point for conversations or envy.


Luxury Bathroom Design


Richard Brawnson has purchased Stone Age Design artisan made boulder bathtubs to impress the jet-set with. These glorious tributes to the natural wonders of nature are best considered for new home construction and installed as the house is underway. For an elegant bathroom design, include 2 semi-matching vessel sink rocks with the master bath.

Artisan made vessel sink boulders come in a nice variety of natural shapes, colors and sizes making them the perfect choice for interior-design remodeling projects in any appropriate location. Display options go beyond simple bathroom ideas when deciding where to place these beautiful stone creations for best viewing pleasures:

Bathroom design trends today creating spaces where rain tiles are coupled with lush potted greens, pebble inset floors and natural fiber bamboo accents in an attempt to turn this room into a nature filled oasis where users can shed their stress gracefully at the end of a hectic day. Additions of Stone Age Design bathroom sinks and bathtubs create showplaces out of these oasis rooms in a manner that all homeowners are proud of.